Revere Pewter Room

Happy first day of spring! Even though it sure doesn’t feel like it… I’m not gonna lie, I’m getting pretty tired of tons of layers, hoodies, and hats. I know you are, too. I’m hoping by the time the weather reaches anywhere above 60, I’ll be out hiking, gardening, or grilling. But, lucky for YOU, all I do is spend my time creating color palettes on olioboard, which I love.

This week I’ve put together a little foolproof color palette. Here I listed the benjamin moore colors, and where they should be used. Main walls, trim color, ceiling and accents. For those of you who don’t know what should go with what, warm vs. cool, etc. Don’t worry. I’ve done the work for you. If this post gets some hype, I’ll make more boards.

OB-Revere Pewter Room


I think its pretty self-explanatory, and very widely used tones. The colors all work with the main wall color, REVERE PEWTER. This color is a great fool-proof gray for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time searching through a million color chips. Done. White trim goes great with cool tones. But, in this case the best trim color is SNOWFALL WHITE. (You may very well use this white on your ceiling too) Choose a satin or semi-gloss for the trim paint, and an eggshell or matte for the walls. You may want to check out my painting basics post if you’re a little rusty :)

If you decide you want an accent wall, or a little pop of color to liven things up, look at KENDALL CHARCOAL, or LEMON MERINGUE. Please, my good friends, remember you do not always have to use an accent wall. You can, and should use these colors anywhere in the room to pull the palette together. (And repeat them throughout the house!) Pillows, rugs, bedspreads, picture frames are a few. (How its shown in the picture as well)

Here’s another fun benjamin moore color palette I put together. Two actually. Decorating seems so much easier when we just step back and look at how the colors balance.

OB-gray and rust color crush

OB-cool tones palette

Want your own color/room board? I know someone you could ask…

So there it is folks, what you’ve always wanted. More color in your life. Hope you’re feeling a little more spring in your step!






  1. Hi Christy,

    What BM yellow would you recommend for an accent wall at a kitchen with RP in the rest of the dining and living combined? I want something youthful and not too deep.
    Thank you

    • Meg,
      Thanks for asking me! Um, youthful and not too deep…Have you considered Hawthorne Yellow? Or Weston Flax? (Hc-4, and Hc-5) otherwise I’d personally start looking for some yellows in the classic fan deck. One’s that aren’t too limey or too orange. Like, 375 Yellow clover, or 290 Fresh Butter. Just look at them against revere and see which one pairs the best! Yellow will look yellow against gray!

  2. Hello Christy,
    I have Revere-pewter in my living room and dining room with dark hardwood floors. My kitchen has white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. The floor is medium to dark grey tile. The counter tops haven’t been decided yet. I can go anywhere from black, white, grey or combination of the three. I am looking for a good grey in the kitchen that will flow with revere pewter. I am open to light grey or dark. Do you have any suggestions? And what shade countertop would go best with that paint? I look forward to your reply! Thank you in advance!

    • Hi there Miguel!
      Ha, your kitchen sounds a lot like mine already. My advise- go with a darker gray for your kitchen walls. Since your cabinets are white, the darker you go, the more it will pop! Look at a coordinating gray like, Kendall Charcoal (always another popular choice) or Stone Harbor (medium dark gray), or Dolphin (benjamin moore af-715?) or Storm, af-700? Look at those to see what undertones you like best. I’d also pick out your countertop before you paint. Again, you could go light or dark. Maybe I’d look at a light to medium shade of granite with some taupes and grays in it. Consider also your backsplash which is play against your countertop too. Hope that helps! Thanks for following! :)

  3. Could you be so kind as to let us know a countertop(s) you might suggest with white dove cabinets and revere pewter walls in kitchen?? Many, many thanks!

    • Hi there! I’m always happy to make suggestions! Are you planning on granite countertops? Or a type of laminate? Personally, I’d choose something with taupes, whites or cream’s. You could also look at something darker, like a deep charcoal, almost black granite with streaks of white through it for a different effect. The only route I wouldn’t take is a counter with too much beige or tan or golds. I hope that helps! There’s ton’s of photos of ideas of what works well with White Dove Cabinets. Best of luck!

  4. Hi Christy,

    I know I’m a little late to the game, but I am painting our livingroom at our new place and am having difficulty deciding. Our house has medium toned pine trim, wide pine floors, and this room has a floor to ceiling multi-colored brick fireplace with cathedral ceilings. The ceilings are a bright white. I was considering revere pewter, but I’m also considering Mindful Gray by SW or Dorian Gray, also by SW. I’m afraid that the revere will be too light/boring, that mindful will be too purple (it takes that tone on some of the walls in this room), and that Dorian will be too dark with the wood trim. I’m losing my mind at this point being that I’ve gotten so many samples and have finally decided that it should be one of these three. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! :)

    • Hi there Ann! Now I will say straight off the bat, you have it tough because you’re dealing with stained trim, AND a brick fireplace in the same room. Luckily, Ive worked with someone with the same dilemma you’re going through. She found that revere pewter was too blah, too light. She tried some cream colors and same thing. She ended up loving a benjamin Moore color a shade darker than bm Gray Owl. It wasn’t exactly gray, but almost blue green, but paired with her stained trim and everything else, it was cosy, and cottage feeling. I’m not much help when it comes to sw colors bc I don’t have their fan deck nor do I know them off the top of my head. Try the gray/green/blue route. Make sure you’re not going too light! I hope that helps! And keep looking for pictures online. :)

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  7. Hey christy. I just bought a house and we knocked down some wall so it’s a very open floor plan now. Living room into dining room dining room in to kitchen etc. my question to you is I also have a front room and a back room that I need to paint. I’m using revere pewter in the lr and dr. I heard that Hawthorne yellow goes well with it. I was gonna use that to paint those other two rooms. Front room precedes the living room and the back room is after the dr. What can I use in the kitchen. I have cherry java cabinets with bianco Romano granite counters. Any help would be so appreciated. I’m stuck!!! But I love my revere pewter. Thanks.

  8. I’m painting my living room, kitchen, hallways and stairwells in Revere Pewter. I have SW pewter tankard it’s similar to BM rockport gray. I have a very open floor plan with a short wall dividing the kitchen and living room. My dining room is huge with tall ceilings with Dark mahogany furniture. It’s open to the entryway. I have dark expresso cabinets in the kitchen. I’m tying to pick out a color for the dining room. Not gray since i have a ton in that family. I have a chance to be bold or fun. What are your recommendations? I have debated a blue, blue-green, or gold. I have also thought about doing a lighter blue (nimbus gray or lighter) in the kitchen vs the revere pewter. I have a mix of antiques, eclectic, shabby, and new furniture and decor. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hi Gretchen!
      Wow, this comment was hidden below tons of spam- I so sincerely apologize for not seeing it and responding sooner! Your kitchen sure does sound lovely! The first color that I thought of (besides gray) when you were describing your space was Wythe Blue. That’s a nice green blue. Look in that family of blues- like hc-144, or hc-143. Or try 1563 quiet moments. If you don’t absolutely love one of those blue-greens, Then head in another direction. (Remember, you could bring revere pewter through, and saturate the walls and decor with that blue-green color instead )
      Here’s some pictures of blue-greens that I mentioned.

  9. Do you have any other color reccomendations for an accent wall? This is all new to us so we are all over the place. We also were thinking about granite color which is a very dark gray. Thanks for all your Help

  10. we just purchased a home and have an L shaped living room dining room and were thinking of going with revere pewter, and as an accent wall benjamin moore black pepper, would this work? Its a blueish gray

  11. I am remodeling my kitchen using Revere Pewter on the walls and Alaska White Granite. I need to choose a white cabinet color that will work with both. I think I’m using Revere Pewter on the ceiling as well, but I have dark stained beams on the ceiling. I do plan to paint the island black and have it distressed as well. Any suggestions on cabinet color and ceiling color? I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks so much.

    • I’m jealous of your kitchen just hearing the way you describe it! Revere pewter is great. I loved it in my house. I’m not sure what Alaska white granite looks like, but I can tell you to check out White Dove, or Mascarpone (af-20) for a great cabinet color. That’s if you haven’t already ;)
      And ceilings…hmmm those beams sound fantastic. I guess I’d definitely look at something with more color than stark white. Maybe Navajo White? The Revere Pewter might be nice as well, but it could be a hair to dark on a ceiling. It really depends on your lighting and the overall look that you want it to have. Again, sounds lovely. Don’t hesitate to show me pictures! And remember, sample pints!

  12. I just purchased a townhome and want to paint the living room and dining room revere pewter and the hall and going up the stairs a little darker beige/gray, I like Brandon beige 977 do you think it goes together?

    • Congrats on the town home!
      Totally! I do really like Brandon beige. Make sure it’s not too dark for your hallway. May I make a suggestion? Check out 1535 Seattle Mist. Did you know that it’s the exact same color as Revere Pewter!? So look a step darker, at 1536 Northern Cliffs also. If that is appearing too green, check out the other taupe grays around that. Such as, 1543 Plymouth Rock or 1551 La Paloma Gray. I could go on and on… Hope that helps! Feel free to ask more questions along the way :)

  13. Revere Pewter has become our all-over wall color because of it’s versatility and complexity. First, it was the kitchen, now we just picked it again, despite trying several other grays, for our entry and LR. (Trim is White Dove.) Now, would Coventry Gray be a nice color in the DR with all the Revere? The sample looks like it would work, but for some reason I’m hesitant. Am I missing an obvious color that would make the DR “special”?

    • That’s great! I do love my revere pewter, and it looks great in so many different rooms. And you could never go wrong with White Dove :) Coventry gray is also a beautiful color! I’m not going to vote it out, but remember-your dining room can be the room you express yourself just a bit more. Because Coventry Gray is also in the same value, or depth of color as revere pewter, I doubt it will be much of a statement, or much of a noticeable difference. (I could be wrong!) Think about the rest of the dining room-the floors, the lighting, any drapes? Crown moulding? These will play a role in the appearance of the color. I’m a big fan of Weimaraner, af-155.
      Here’s some Houzz pics:

    • I’m so honored to receive your valuable advice! Thank you! Loved seeing the pictures from Houzz. Our DR floor, currently, is similar to that Coventry Gray photo, along with big windows and a built-in buffet. Since we lived with BM ‘s Hodley Red in the DR for years, our goal was to lighten the space this time, though I love the drama of a darker color; husband not so much this time! Though we have molding to separate the DR and LR, we wanted to create a flow to the kitchen, which has Revere Pewter’s walls, darker wood floors, White Dove cabinets, a stainless counter top and a matte black skateboard ramp material counter. A charcoal gray slate tile peeks from the back entry to the DR. The main floor bath is BM’s Quiet Moments-ish. Maybe the Coventry is too cold?

      • Oh my goodness, your home sounds LOVE-LEEEEE! And what kind of countertop is that? Stake matte black? Ive never heard of it, but the whole thing sound delicious…if I can use that term? (Of course I can. Just did) Quiet Moments is also one of my favorites! (Hey, how’d you know?) Im know sure if Coventry gray would be too cold. It still has a very chic appeal. I was browsing through Houzz for more ideas…have you considered another chic color, something like Wedgewood gray? Or maybe Elephant Gray? They seem to always appeal, especially with white trim, and dark floors. Here’s some examples:
        Elephant: elephant, but looks very close)
        Same with this guy:
        You’ve got to update me with pictures of your lovely place! Sorry if I’ve just confused you more. I’m pretty good at that

        • You’re funny! Our house is actually quite a mess with busy teenagers and a huge dog that drools all over our white kitchen cabinets! Daily scrubbing required. The skateboard ramp material on our counters was purchased from a distributor in a big sheet and fabricated by my husband. It’s a similar product as Paper Source, the recycled materials countertop product but much, much cheaper! Looks like soapstone with a more industrial feel. Now onto DR wall color: I like your suggestions and lean toward grays with blue and green undertones. Wedgewood is lovely; looks more traditional to me whereas Coventry seems more urban? (I’m probably way off track with those descriptions.). With the Quiet Moments bath color, did I set myself up to pick a similar-toned DR color? We went about our house make-over all wrong by randomly picking wall colors before selecting a new rug, chairs, accessories….But again, with Revere Pewter throughout, anything will go! I’m heading to the paint store tomorrow! Will it be Coventry? A new color? Time will tell!

  14. Hi Chrisy, I was hoping you could help me. I’ve decided to do RP throughout the first floor of my home with the expection of the kitchen. I have off white cabinets with mocha trim and a light granite countertop. Would a brown work well with the RP? Thank you!

    • Hi Pam! Your home sounds lovely, I do love my revere pewter. I can’t say whether or not it will work with the brown trim. Is the brown trim throughout the first floor? Or just in the kitchen? Honestly, I think it looks most striking with white, or slightly off white. BUT having a dark trim will make the walls look lighter if that’s your concern. Most people seem to find machine their trim color to the color of their cabinets work, and then there’s also less going on visually. Best bet here would be to try a sample right up next to the brown trim, and up next to your new white cabinets. Feel free to show me pictures!

  15. Is the above picture actually Revere on the main wall? It looks darker than the chip or other pictures I’ve seen. We are painting our children’s college condo and I want to use it everywhere!

    • Hi shell! Sorry it looks like I must have missed your comment? But if you’re still wondering, I don’t have proof of this color, I can only say from the many times I’ve painted revere pewter and seen it painted in other homes, this picture looks 99% accurate. It WILL appear different in different lighting and in each room of the house. As for a main wall color, I do think its perfect! It’s a neutral gray. This meaning, it’s on the warm side of gray, and light in value so it works as a neutral. Just try a little in different rooms at the condo and get ready to fall in love! If its not the right shade of gray, you can learn more on my 50 shads of gray post :) Best of luck! I’ll be here to answer any more questions along the way!

  16. love your tips and ideas! gonna have a revere pewter room soon ;) what other colours then yellow can you combine with it? I’m kinda a big fan of blue/turquoise, what shades would you recommend? Or would you rather stay in the greyish tones? thanks :)

    • Hi there Caroline! Sorry for the not-so-quick response. I’m so glad you’re going with revere pewter for your wall choice! You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Teal and gray make great combos. Do you want a teal accent wall? Or just touches of teal in your accessories? I suggest finding a fun teal rug, or teal bedspread to pop against your walls. Even rusty orange pillows or picture frames would be excellent with teal and orange
      Here’s the teal I’m picturing : 726 rendezvous bay. Or 2052-30 tropical turquoise. Both Benjamin Moore colors (of course) let me know what you’re thinking and where you’re at! I love seeing people’s creative fun rooms :)

      • hi again :) no problem, I had a lot of work to do recently, so I still haven’t painted the walls yet, but I really like the tropical turquoise color! and thanks a lot for the idea to combine it with rusty orange, I can picture that to work so well :) When I’m done I can send you a picture if you want, but I think it might take some more time ;)

  17. thanks for the quick response. i have linoleum white and beige speckle floors for the bathroom. it’s a bonus room with a bathroom to give you an idea. no windows in the bathroom. i would like a slightly darker color for the bathroom but not charcoal grey since i already have that for the accent wall. it can compliment or not, as long as it looks good :P

    • Ooh verrry nice! Lucky for you I’m at the paint store now! I love charcoal gray for an accent. Seems to work every time! I have a few suggestions-although I might be able to narrow it down even more if you know your wall color in the bonus room. ;) (revere pewter maybe?)
      Slightly dark gray suggestions: af-100 Pashmina. Af-155 Weimaraner. Ac-35 valley forge tan.
      Hc-165 Boothbay gray (it’s actually like a dusty blue gray)
      And AC-16 Kentucky haze. These would be great with charcoal gray towels and accessories to pull that color throughout and create flow. ;)
      Let me know if any of those might be a keeper. Go grab the big color chips to see them in the bathroom next to your floor & trim (key!) if you have a Benjamin Moore store nearby. ;)

      • you are i have pewter as the main wall color. i just repainted my whole house so i still have decorator white for the trims that i’m gonna use in the bathroom also. i might go with the bluish tint color since blue’s my fav color…lol. i’ll let you know how it goes or if you have any other ideas, please let me know. thanks again christy :)

        • Totally. I live for this sort if thing. (Sad isnt it?) I love bluish grays right now. Especially the muted ones. The more toned down the better. Here’s a few more of those: 1579 greyhound, 1586 Silver mink, 2123-30 Sea star.
          Ok ok I’ll stop. I don’t want to confuse you. Good luck. Take pictures for me! :)

          • i will once i have it done..hopefully i can have some time to get the paint and start doing it..thanks

  18. hey christy..i stumbled on this page looking at revere pewter suggestions. i painted one wall charcoal grey and love it. i have a question, i have an adjoining bathroom. what color do you suggest to go with the two colors i mentioned above? keep up the great and creative work!

    • Hey Chris! Yay-I’m so glad you stumbled a found my blog. I’d love to help you and give you some great suggestions. I’d like to first ask you a few more questions so I don’t steer you wrong with any colors I may suggest. Questions like: what color is your floor in your bathroom? And are there any windows? AND do you want the color to blend? Or compliment? So many questions-I know, I know. We’ll get it-don’t worry ;)

  19. Yesterday a customer called and asked me to make a crispy white for her. I made Snowfall White!!

  20. I love all the gray!! I think the second is my favorite though… I love the wall hanging!

    • I know, me too! I love tapestries for wall art. Wait -I love anything that’s wall art ;) Thanks Tors! Xoxo Can’t wait to see you

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